Coeur De Lion

Coeur De Lion

Coeur de Lion has been creating beautiful handcrafted jewellery since 1987; to this day, the manufacturing process is still completed by hand. Using only the best high grade materials, the timeless German designer jewellery collection is known for its high quality and unique designs. The unusual combination of colours makes this range of necklaces, bracelets and earrings instantly recognisable as Coeur de Lion.

In these days of must-haves and no-gos, it is reassuring that there are things that rise above the ever-changing trends. Jewellery from Coeur de Lion is timeless beyond measure. The creations from Carola Eckrodt combine strict, minimalistic design with unusual colour combinations, making them both elegant and exciting. This contrast keeps Coeur de Lion jewellery pieces on trend throughout the years.

The use of premium materials and especially precise workmanship make designer jewellery from Coeur de Lion especially enduring, because enduring beauty requires enduring strength. In order to guarantee this, almost all working steps are carried out in their Stuttgart workshop, from the first draft to the final fastidious check - because only this enables the creation of exquisite objects from Carola Eckrodt’s timeless designs, bringing their wearers enduring pleasure.

Jewellery from Coeur de Lion can be recognised by the stainless steel quality seal on each necklace and every bracelet - the guarantee for scrupulously checked quality from the workshop.

In addition, each jewellery box contains a certificate of authenticity, which has been certified by the retailer. This gives you signed and sealed quality, guaranteeing that designer jewellery from Coeur de Lion boasts particular quality and longevity.

Quality comes at a price at Coeur de Lion, because they use only exquisite materials for their products and work with modern manufacturing and finished processes that they improve every year. At the same time, it is of vital importance to them to make jewellery affordable for many women, so they make careful calculations and treat their available resources with the utmost frugality. This is why, alongside the numerous colour charts and material books, there is also a high-spec calculator on Carola Eckrodt’s work bench.

After being named ‘Jewellery Brand of the Year 2014’ at the UK Watch & Jewellery Awards, and winning the German Design Award Special 2016, Coeur de Lion has been given another prestigious prize: the GERMAN BRAND AWARD 2016. Coeur de Lion are delighted to have received this commendation, which motivates them to keep giving their all in the years to come.